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This is a section for non-Dessert Senshi fanart I have received. These are mostly from the Tower of Time site, like the Dessert Senshi fanart.

Sailor Chibi Mercury

This picture was done by Song of Amazon, from the Tower of Time. Her glove bands are the wrong color, but I may make that canon for the story at some point.

Sailor Chibi Mars

Sailor Chibi Jupiter

These pictures were done by Lorelei, from the Tower of Time. Yeah, Chibi Mars isn't wearing her glasses, but that's because I forgot to mention it when I made the request, so that's my fault.

Sailor Earth

This was done by Chronomorphosis from the Tower of Time.

Neo Sailor Star Fighter (with smaller forehead)

Neo Sailor Star Maker

Neo Sailor Star Healer

Sailor Capricorn (without glasses)

These were done by Lady Buruma (sometimes known as "Cookie") at the Tower of Time website. (

Sailor Scorpio

This was done by Purenightshade from the Tower of Time. (website is

Cosmic Sailor Mars without glasses

This was done by Dark Saturn, who also did the picture of the old Sailor Taurus character on the main fanart page.