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Contact Information and Updates

Latest updates:
3/12/12: Chapter 2 of Azumanga has been added.

2/21/12: The new Azumanga series has finally been linked!

9/28/10: The links page has been edited to eliminate some older links and I also added my new site for my other fanfic series.

9/7/10: A picture of Jessica/Sailor Jellybean has been added to the fanart gallery.

9/6/10: A whole bunch of pictures have been added, including new "triple pose" art of Mortimer, Ahmed and Parallax, a picture of Sailor Peppermint and Cosmic Sailor Mars from "BSSM Cosmic."  

9/16/09: Two pictures of Sailor Capricorn and Sailor Scorpio from my "BSSM Astrology" story have been added to the Other Fanart page. 

This will also be a section for questions, too.

1) Why were the links in the navigation bar in an odd order?
Because I don't know HTML. Luckily, I found a way to use the "template page" maker to reorder the links (mainly, I put the "Characters and Story" section at the top as was suggested to me).