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These are pictures from people who were nice enough to draw my characters! Because these are fanart, some of them may not be entirely accurate to what the character looks like.

Sailor Taurus

This picture is of a character who was in the prototype story. You may not believe it, but the Crystal Tokyo Series used to be a story about Neo and Zodiac Senshi instead of the current Dessert Senshi. Incidentally, I kept some character designs from the prototype, this character resembles Akane/Sailor Lollipop wearing Sailor Caramel's Senshi outfit, for the most part.
Artist: Dark Saturn (; she did this as a fanart request at the "Tower of Time" website that I have on the links page

Sailor Caramel sprite

Artist: sailorvs4 (

Sailor Chocolate

Sailor Cookie

Sailor Lollipop

Sailor Cinnamon

Artist: Sakura from the Tower of Time site (

Serena McDouglas/Sailor Peanut Butter

Sakura Mizuno/Sailor Milkshake

Bridget O'Malley/Sailor Cupcake

Galaxy Chang/Sailor Popsicle

Kurumi Kino/Sailor Caramel

Parallax Katzenjammer/Sailor Cinnamon

Mortimer Wellington/Sailor Chocolate

Ahmed Hussein/Sailor Vanilla

Jessica Cornflower/Sailor Jellybean

Video Game Style Group Picture

Artist: peachvampiress (The "Video Game Group Picture" is also partially credited to Lycentia's Sailor Moon Graphics, because that's where she got the video game sprites for editing from.

Sailor Peanut Butter lost her glasses!

Sailor Marshmallow

Sailor Marshmallow's portrait was done by Diana. No, not my dog, by someone else who I found at the Tower of Time website.

Sailor Peanut Butter's picture was done by Wild Nature, whose email is Her website is BSSMNext Generation and it's at

Chibi Sailor Caramel Doll

This was done by Shiiniigamii, an artist at the Tower of Time website. ( I am not quite sure whether or not her forehead is big enough, since it's in chibi-style. My definition of it being 1/4th of her height was referring to her being in regular proportions, since it's 3 feet tall and she's 12 feet tall. I did an informal check with my fingers and since it's a little over 1/3rd of her height in the picture here, I'd say it's fairly accurate.

Sailor Peppermint

This was done by Lady Buruma (sometimes known as "Cookie") at the Tower of Time website. (

Sailor Vanilla and Sailor Licorice

The artist is Savvy, from the Tower of Time.
By the way, the character chasing them is the artist.

Sailor Jellybean

This was done by Kiero from the Tower of Time.

Sailor Butterscotch

This was done by Enkai from the Tower of Time.

Sailor Bubble Gum lost her glasses too!

This was done by Chronomorphosis from the Tower of Time. The reason she's not wearing her glasses in the picture is because when I entered the description into the request form, I forgot to mention that she wears them. But since she's kind of looking down in the picture, maybe she lost her glasses and is trying to find them?

Sailor Popsicle at her correct size.

Sailor Peppermint, as a fatter young adult

Artist: Satsuro

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