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Sailor Peppermint
Name: Rainbow Sparkles
Age: 12-14
Birthday: October 8 (Libra)
Height: 5' 6", is plump
Hair: dark green and in two curly pigtails
Eyes: orange, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly dark green with light green bows
Transformation Phrase: Peppermint Power, Make Up!
Attack: Supreme Thunder
Origin: Australia, lives with the Outer Senshi, Pierre, Galaxy, and Serena
Personality: Rainbow is a quiet and logical budding sci-fi author. She usually prefers to be alone and is often rude and cold, especially to nosy people. Despite this coldness, though, she has a playful mindset sometimes; that is, she has a love of the silly and bizarre, shown mostly in her writing though it can also show if she's with those she trusts. She's also extremely absent-minded and hates doing mundane chores. She also prizes unconventionality and somewhat joins Akane in questioning the monarchy. Despite her opinionated nature, she has difficulty being affectionate. An odd trait of hers is her obsession with putting everything in lists and categories (mental, not physical organization) and she tends to want to have control of the situation, unlike Jessica, who seems to take whatever comes at her. Her series is called "Space Girl Spectra" and is about 7 girls (Spectra, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple) and their adventures fighting monsters in space. She can be rather obessive sometimes in wanting to only talk about her characters to people instead of about real life.

Sailor Cupcake
Name: Bridget O'Malley
Age: 16-18
Birthday: June 13 (Gemini)
Height: 6' 6" and she has fangs
Hair: red and in a long braid
Eyes: dark green
Senshi Outfit: Mainly pink with brown bows
Transformation Phrase: Cupcake Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Vines Entanglement (works very much like the Love-Me Chain Venus had but it usually involves multiple vines)
Origin: Ireland, lives with Minako, Yoshiki, and Akane
Personality: Bridget is a gentle, quiet, and rather easygoing girl, though she also likes being physically active unless she thinks the sport is too violent. She enjoys cooking and she also is VERY fond of animals. Animals of all different kinds, even the "gross" ones, she loves them all. In this gentleness, however, is the fact that she is frightened of anything she thinks is cruel and cold, leading her to fear some of her fellow Sailor Senshi. She also doesn't understand teasing very well. She falls in love with Basil.