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Sailor Cinnamon
Name: Parallax Katzenjammer
Age: 10-12
Birthday: April 15 (Aries)
Height: 5' 3", she's chubby
Hair: dark blue and in long pigtails
Eyes: red, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit; Mainly orange with red bows.
Transformation Phrase: Cinnamon Power, Make Up!
Attack: Fire Soul
Origin: Germany, lives at the Palace with Chibi-Usa, Maria, Mozzarella, and Ahmed
Personality: Parallax is quiet yet also emotional and intense. Though she is very scheduled, she has a very strong interest in the occult and the goth culture. She has some psychic powers of her own that strengthen her beliefs and while she isn't usually cruel on purpose, she does act spooky sometimes. She finds Chibi-Usa to be very interesting because of the girl's dark past and the fact that she was once turned into Black Lady, which she finds out later. Because of her morbid interests, she is good friends with Zelda the hyrax, who can be very depressing sometimes. An interesting fact about her is that she comes from a Jewish family.

Sailor Cookie
Name: Pierre Fromage
Age: 13-15
Birthday: May 13 (Taurus)
Height: 4' 6", is obese and waddles when he walks
Hair: lavender and short like Ami's
Eyes: purple
Senshi Outfit: Mainly rainbow-striped with black bows, brooch and tiara gem are dark garnet red
Transformation Phrase: Cookie Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Paper Cut Slash (throws very sharp sheets of paper)
Origin: France, lives with the Outer Senshi, Galaxy, Serena, and Rainbow
Personality: Pierre is a cheerful, creative intellectual type. He is VERY smart though not a genius and his main hobby is astronomy. He is a tease, and tends to not take things seriously enough, being someone who just likes to be silly (though not necessarily in a dumb, slapstick way). He can be rather flippant one minute and then passionately defending his wild ideas the next. He also has a terrible fear of cats.