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Sailor Popsicle and Sailor Peanut Butter

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Sailor Popsicle
Name: Galaxy Chang
Age: 17-19
Birthday: September 11 (Virgo)
Height: 6' 8", she's big and obese
Hair: purple and long like Minako's, wears a dark green bow in her hair too
Eyes: light blue
Senshi Outfit: Mainly dark blue with dark green bows
Transformation Phrase: Popsicle Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Shabon Spray
Origin: China, lives with the Outer Senshi, Pierre, Serena, and Rainbow
Personality: Galaxy is an interesting mix of things. A little loudmouthed, rather prissy, and also very prideful, her dream is to be a housewife. She does not think intellectual pursuits are worth much, since she doesn't see their relevance to her future. Galaxy is unique in Crystal Tokyo because she still has the old, patriarchal gender stereotypes in her mind, so she often bickers with Sakura about what is masculine and what is feminine. Because of this, she especially dislikes anything athletic, and she also doesn't like science, which she thinks are things for males. She hates flying in airplanes (actually, public transportation in general) because her size makes it difficult for her to fit. On the positive side of things, while she is often prejudiced, she has generally good intentions and does have a kind heart underneath her bossy exterior.

Sailor Peanut Butter
Name: Serena McDouglas
Age: 15-17
Birthday: May 7 (Taurus)
Height: 5 feet
Hair: silver and styled like Osaka's from Azumanga Daioh
Eyes: brown, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly red with turquoise bows
Transformation Phrase: Peanut Butter Power, Make Up!
Attack: Fruity Punch (throws various kinds of fruit)
Origin: Scotland, lives with the Outer Senshi, Pierre, Galaxy, and Rainbow
Personality: Serena is quite cheerful and talkative. She loves fantasy and is a very big fan of "magical girl anime," so being a Senshi is nothing strange for her. She is like the typical anime main girl character, in that she's cute, not very smart, and very much reliant on her heart and intuition over logical thinking. She also is often surprised when the other Senshi don't know as much about the history of the original Senshi as she does, because she's studied it so much. One of her problems, however, is that she doesn't like the idea of hurting her favorite anime characters, even if they're attacking her. By the way, her favorite anime is Wedding Peach.