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Sailor Milkshake and Sailor Chocolate

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Sailor Milkshake
Name: Sakura Mizuno
Age: 16-18
Birthday: June 4 (Gemini)
Height: 6 feet tall
Hair: light green, long and curly
Eyes: lavender, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly light green with yellow bows
Transformation Phrase: Milkshake Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Deep Submerge
Origin: Her mother and father are Ami and Shinji (my own character, not the one from Evangelion), Basil lives with her too
Personality: Sakura has a strong sense of duty and responsibility and a generally logical mind, but that's about all she shares with her mother. She is bossy, very extroverted, talkative, and rather conservative and traditional (for Crystal Tokyo). She has good common sense and practicality, though her strange prejudice against fat people makes her seem rather shallow at times. This may also be because she very much enjoys athletics, and she might think that fat people are weaklings. Sometimes she fights with Galaxy over what the proper roles for men and women are since Sakura follows the Crystal Tokyo rules (which are reversed from our world's gender stereotypes) and Galaxy believes in the older patriarchal settings.

Sailor Chocolate
Name: Mortimer Wellington
Age: 12-14
Birthday: March 9 (Pisces)
Height: 7' 3"
Hair: blond and styled like Michiru's
Eyes: turquoise
Senshi Outfit: Mainly brown with dark blue bows
Transformation Phrase: Chocolate Power, Make Up!
Attack: Crystal Surround (encases whatever he wants in crystal, but it doesn't make a very strong shield)
Origin: England, lives with Makoto and Kurumi
Personality: Mortimer, first of all, has very high aspirations to be in charge of almost everything. He is an arrogant loudmouth but he does sometimes inspire people to follow him too. He has a tendency to tease people he thinks are stupider than him, too. Mortimer likes to play the drums, which is one of his other talents. Another interest of his is adventure stories, it's the closest thing to fantasy that he likes. Surprisingly, he and Rainbow are at least somewhat friends since they both like to make fun of magical girl anime together and they share a similar attitude towards science.