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Sailor Licorice
Name: Basil Anderson
Age: 13-15
Birthday: November 6 (Scorpio)
Height: 3' 6"
Hair: turquoise and long like Rei's
Eyes: black, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly black with purple bows.
Transformation Phrase: Licorice Power, Make Up!
Attack: Dead Scream
Origin: Canada, lives with Ami, Shinji, and Sakura
Personality: Basil is quiet and gentle, but he's not very intellectual or creative. He has a problem with stereotyping people by their ethnic or national origins and thus he doesn't get along as well as he might with the other Senshi. He's also superstitious about the number 13. He has some semblance of common sense, however, and a lifetime of being picked on makes him rather bitter and surprisingly aggressive as Sailor Licorice. A talent of his is playing the trombone.

Sailor Marshmallow
Name: Mozzarella Rigatoni
Age: 10-11
Birthday: November 3 (Scorpio)
Height: 3 feet
Hair: brown and in a bun
Eyes: yellow, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly lavender with pink bows
Transformation Phrase: Marshmallow Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Silver Spikes (shoots spikes out of the Garnet Orb)
Origin: Italy, lives at the palace with Chibi-Usa, Maria, Parallax, and Ahmed
Personality: Mozzarella is a playful, roughousing, typical "tomboy" girl. She is VERY much a prankster and she hates anything fancy. She's often not very sensitive to emotions and approaches Senshi battling like a game--she's rather a daredevil anyway and is used to getting bruises and boo-boos. She's much like Haruka probably was as a child.