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Sailor Jellybean
Name: Jessica Cornflower
Age: 16-17
Birthday: January 1 (Capricorn)
Height: 2 feet tall
Eyes: dark indigo
Hair: black in dreadlocks (she's Jamaican and has dark skin, too)
Senshi Outfit: Mainly purple with silver bows
Transformation Phrase: Jellybean Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Death Reborn Revolution (shoots sharp purple ribbons out of her hands that cut things)
Origin: Jamaica, lives with Rei, Daisuke, and Madoka
Personality: Jessica is a cold, aloof girl. Logic is her world, and she is very scornful of emotions. She dislikes being with people much, though she'll interact if she has to, and she usually tries to hide her emotions. She is coldly dignified, too. She has an interest in most types of science, though chemistry is her speciality. Despite her lack of outward warmth, she has an imaginative mind, though not in a "fantasy and magical" way. Along with her general stoicism, she seems to take whatever life throws at her, and she doesn't really care much about making specific plans or trying to control things.

Sailor Vanilla
Name: Ahmed Hussein
Age: 14-16
Birthday: August 5 (Leo)
Height: 5' 4"
Hair: pink and styled like Hotaru's
Eyes: dark blue
Senshi Outfit: Mainly silver with dark red bows.
Transformation Phrase: Vanilla Power, Make Up!
Attack: Mystery Cloud (uses the Silence Glaive to create a dark foggy cloud)
Origin: Iraq, lives at the palace with Chibi-Usa, Maria, Mozzarella, and Parallax
Personality: Ahmed, at first glance, is a typical stuffy nerd--quiet, studious, and not very sociable or friendly, with a talent in math. He is also somewhat obsessed with this desire to be fat, and he also thinks that fat people are the most attractive. He eats sweets a lot (actually, eats a lot in general) and doesn't like to exercise because he fears it will make him thinner.