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Sailor Bubble Gum
Name: Madoka Hino
Age: 12-13
Birthday: February 13 (Aquarius)
Height: 4 feet tall, is hugely muscular like the Hulk
Hair: light blue and styled like Makoto's
Eyes: peach, she wears very thick glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly light blue with lavender bows
Transformation Phrase: Bubble Gum Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: World Shaking
Origin: Her mother and father are Rei and Daisuke, and Jessica lives with her too.
Personality: Madoka is very reserved and laid-back, but she is also very physically active and strong! She loves outdoor play, though not necessarily team sports. While she usually doesn't show much emotion, she can get VERY coldly angry when she feels like someone is trying to restrain her unfairly. However, her response is usually to run away instead of fighting back directly, although she would certainly do so if cornered. She's also rather lazy about the chores, since neatness doesn't matter to her much. She has a fascination with danger, which mostly comes out in a love of riding rollercoasters and similar rides at amusement parks, but it also means that she might accidentally get herself in trouble sometimes.

Sailor Butterscotch
Name: Maria Delgado
Age: 14-16
Birthday: April 1 (Aries)
Height: 5' 4"
Hair: dark indigo and styled like Haruka's
Eyes: silver
Senshi Outfit: Mainly yellow with orange bows
Transformation Phrase: Butterscotch Power, Make Up!
Attack: Aurora Hypnosis (distracts the target by making them think they're seeing the aurora borealis)
Origin: Mexico, lives at the Moon Palace with Chibi-Usa, Parallax, Mozzarella, and Ahmed
Personality: Quiet, sweet, and very much an idealistic peacemaker. Maria doesn't like fighting and isn't very enthusiastic about the idea of being a Sailor Senshi. She does it more to protect her teammates and herself from danger rather than to attack the enemy. Like Serena, she likes fantasy stories, though not stories about magic being used for battles. She also likes to draw and paint.