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Sailor Caramel
Name: Kurumi Kino
Age: 11-12
Birthday: December 10 (Saggitarius)
Height: 12 feet, including her 3 foot tall forehead
Hair: black and styled like Taiki's
Eyes: light green
Senshi Outfit: Mainly turquoise with dark indigo bows
Transformation Phrase: Caramel Power, Make Up!
Attack: Crescent Beam
Origin: Her mother is Makoto and Mortimer lives with her too.
Personality: Kurumi, despite the difficulties she has with her abnormal height and forehead size, is an eternal optimist. She is quite happy to just play around and she likes cute animals and pretty things. She is also quite sociable and often forgets how weirded out people might be by her appearance. She easily pities people, except for her enemies--she doesn't think for herself much and often just goes alon with what she's told. Despite this, she does have a temper when it comes to people like Pierre and Mortimer who tease her. She also tends to take things literally.

Sailor Lollipop
Name: Akane Aino
Age: 17-19
Birthday: July 13 (Cancer)
Height: 3' 2", uses a wheelchair because her legs were cut off from the knee (birth defect)
Hair: rainbow-swirled and in two braids
Eyes: pink, wears glasses
Senshi Outfit: Mainly dark indigo with light blue bows
Transformation Phrase: Lollipop Prism Power, Make Up!
Attack: Lollipop Tiara Action
Origin: Her parents are Minako and Yoshiki, Bridget lives with her too
Personality: Akane believes that her calling in life is to help people, especially in giving emotional support. There is nothing, she thinks, that can't be solved by talking warmly with someone in need. She often donates money and other goods to charities. Because of her beliefs, however, she can be VERy bossy and morally self-righteous. She does not understand people who don't show their emotions as readily as she does (or people who just need to be alone sometimes) and views them as heartless villains who she must cure with her motherly scolding and lectures. She also tends to try to take charge of things without asking people and often comes across as pushy. Also, she has a problem of jumping into battle too quickly sometimes because of her temper.